Rollers for the future
Composite rollers
Composite roller has been developed and improved since 2002. The first prototype was installed at the LKAB shiploader in 2003. The request from the customer was lighter roller which not harm the belt if the roller fail.
The solution was to build a glide bar in composite material which not harm the belt. Another advantage is less energy consumption with lighter rollers. It is also easier and quicker to change the roller in case of unpredicted stops.

Since 2003 Narvik Composite has further developed the product to a superior quality roller with long life time.
Long lasting
Precision sealed against the environment
Safe and fire proof
Easy to replace
Function as a glidebar
The composite rollers give significantly more value for money compared to traditional steel rollers.
The lower weight enables safer, easier handling and helps reduce the risk of injuries that can occur while installing new rollers or replacing failed rollers during maintenance shutdowns. At unexpected stops it will shorten the down time to change roller which save a lot of cost for the customer.
Our composite rollers are as strong as comparably-sized steel rollers and can carry the same running loads. If the roller fail, you don't need to rush to stop the belt for changing the roller. Just wait until you have a controlled stop and change it then.
High performance end cap - providing the necessary structural integrity and optimum bearing support, ensuring that any heat buildup on the bearing is dissipated and won't affect a roller's long term performance.
Our target customers are mines and bulk terminals in Europe.